About Us
Ch. Charan Singh Shivdan Singh Past Graduate College, Iglas (Aligarh 202124, affiliated to Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University, Agra (formerly Agra University Agra), promoted by Jawahar Vidyalaya Higher Education Society. Iglas (Aligarh) (registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI-1860), came into existence in July 1991 initially with the Arts faculty
This College is situated in Brij, the Milk Bowl of the country, which has an agriculture based economy, but was lacking in agriculture education from the very beginning. Thus, the Faculty of Agriculture was added in 1994.
Later, in 1999, Forestry as a subject was introduced in the Faculty of Life Sciences. The programmes of Food Science and Food Processing, Dairy Food Science and Horticulture at graduate level were also started in 2000. Since then, this institute has been imparting quality education to graduate and post graduate students in different fields of Arts, Science, Agriculture, Forestry, Food Science and Dairy Food Science.