Quality education is the need of the hour and aims at the overall development of the personality of an Individual. It is needed to cope with the changing scenario of a developing country like ours. Education is a multidimensional process and involves drastic changes in ‘social structure and in the reduction of inequality and poverty which are the curses of the society. Iglas, being an underdeveloped region of the district Aligarh suffered from these ailments. There was a pressing need of educational development of this area to remove socio-economic disparities. Thus, this college was established with the aim of providing an atmosphere well suited for academic achievements and overall development of the students at an affordable fee. The college offers congenial academic environment and several opportunities in diverse fields of education in agricultural sciences, forestry and humanities.
I am confident that the college will provide a promising platform which may lead the students to the pinnacle of success and fame.I feel immense pleasure in extending a warm welcome to prospective students
Smt. Monika Singh